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What Is World Wide Loop?

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n the Loop you can find quality merchants locally and on the internet. when you shop in the loop network, you, your friends and community get something back on every transaction. It’s automatic!

Shop With World Wide Loop

ind Loop network merchants while mobile, and pay for your goods and services using the free Loop iphone and android application. As you shop using your Loop iphone and android application we help you pay your cellular phone bill each month. The app is free!

Shop With World Wide Loop

eward points from quality merchants. Its fun to shop in the Loop Network! Everyday you can pick a gift from a merchant and you have a chance to be the recipient of the gift.

Shop With World Wide Loop

new social media concept. Your friends, and their friends contribute reward points to you, and you can redeem the points for more goods and services. Get more and more goods without spending your money.

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