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What Is World Wide Loop?

Who are the world wide loop members?

Fun and Empowering

The World Wide Loop, fondly called 'The Loop', is a resource for shoppers and merchants. Our site makes it fun and easy to find local deals from A to Z.  It's a concept which developed from the idea that customers should be empowered with more value than just the cheapest price of goods or a service. Consider other lifestyles and experiences that extend beyond the cash register.

Our philosophy is: Connect and Enrich your World.  We believe every shopper's world is much broader than the cheapest price of the product and/or service being purchased. We do not exclude the best in pricing; instead, we strive to make the shopping experience a real value-added as well as personal experience. Why not get the best value in your purchase and, at the same time, make doing it a fun experience?  It is possible that you could pay the cost of dinner with valued friends or new music and receive cash rewards that would pay for other fun activities you desire.  In the same way, you may want to include some important things like paying utility bills, funding community projects, supporting local college students or donating to your favorite charity or non-profit organization. All of this is possible when you elect to shop in 'The Loop'.


Finding the Best Value With World Wide Loop

You can trust 'The Loop'! We have a built-in customer feedback and ratings platform. Loop members can rate their store experiences and merchants can learn if Loop members are satisfied with their products and/or services. World Wide Loop currently can link you with thousands of products online and offline.


Mobile Apps

With the World Wide Loop mobile app, you'll have a wonderful tool in the palm of your hand. While you are mobile, you'll be able to find products or services and make purchases directly using the app payment process. There's NO need to use a credit card or cash. The payment system is secure and available for approved Loop members and approved Loop network merchants only.